• A 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure all bookings.

  • Cancellation must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled shoot date. 

  • If cancellation is made within 48 hrs of scheduled shoot date, the full fee is withheld.

  • Once a shoot has taken place, NO refunds are given under any circumstances.

  • All photoshoots, works, created by SCG are the copyrighted property of SCG unless a formal written agreement is entered into by both parties and the applicable fee paid in full.

  • SCG reserves the right to use all Images/works/material created by SCG at their discretion for what so ever purposes they so choose.

  • In booking SCG, you are making this choice due to SCGs  particular creative and personal style. Please do not expect SCG to shoot in any other way than that of which you have seen unless photographer states otherwise.


  • While SCG is happy to attempt to take on board client requests, SCG maintain creative direction of the photoshoot. No commitment is made to create and present any specific image or variation in processing. 

  • Unless agreed to prior. SCG does not allow the use of any cameras or recording devices outside of that being used by SCG during the course of the session.


  • Once images and documentation from magazine submission shoots have been submitted on behalf of the model by SCG, it is solely at the discretion of the various publications and NOT SCG  as to who they choose to publish. SCG gives no guarantee of being accepted or published at any time; however, we do give every model who wants to be published or have their image circulated among leading publications the opportunity to be selected for publication.


  • No photo shoot will take place under any circumstances unless appropriate documentation is signed and delivered prior to shoot date. 


  • No verbal agreements are entered into or binding under any circumstances. 

  • All offers and agreements are to be put in writing and signed by all parties.


  • No physical prints of pictures are provided to models or clients at any time unless this is pre arranged and paid for by the model/client in full.


  • All work is provided via digital transfer, or can be transferred to a hard drive provided by the client.


  • Work completion time varies from job to job but typically for a basic shoot SCG endeavour to have works returned with 4 weeks.  


  • Extra charges may be incurred to the model/client if excessive time is required to achieve the clients desired results or if a rush is placed on an order.


  • SCG including all staff and associates related to photo shoots, are not liable or responsible in any way should a model be injured while on set or during travel to or on set.


  • Should damages be incurred to equipment, wardrobe or venues beyond normal wear and tear or due to recklessness, carelessness or intention misconduct of the model or any persons travelling with or attending the shoot with the model, the model will be fully liable for such damages and or any related costs.


  • Rescheduling of shoots due to weather is at the discretion of SCG. The decision to reschedule will be based on the location, the severity of the weather. In the event that illness or other unforeseen circumstances arise, the client may reschedule the session, although   maximum notice is appreciated (limit of 1 reschedule per client).


  • Should a session be cancelled with no plans to reschedule, Booking and session fees will not be refunded. Failure to appear on the day of the session will result in the forfeit of the full session & booking fee.


  • Re-shoots are at the discretion of SCG. They occur only in situations where the photographer believes the she has not been able to complete what she needs to provide a full gallery of images to the client. Regrettable choices of clothing or hairstyle by clients do not fall into this category, nor does uncooperative or reluctant behavior of those taking part in the shoot. A re-shoot due to these factors will be done at the cost of the client.


  • In the instance where a shoot must be rescheduled by SCC a new shoot date will be offered or a credit note will be held with SCG till a shoot date that suits both parties is agreed to.


  • No deposits are refunded under any circumstances.


  • ​If a photoshoot does not take place for what ever reasons, a credit note will only be valid for 18months from the original shoot date.


  • Once you have read, understood and accepted the terms, pricing and package options and have completed your booking by paying the deposit you hereby grant SCG the irrevocable right to use photographs taken on this date for, but not limited to, portfolio inclusion, professional feedback, promotional or advertising use, course instruction, competition entries, or any other lawful purposes, in all forms of media and in all manners of publication.

  • Upon paying any monies for or towards a photoshoot with SCG and/or, placing a booking you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. It is your responsibilty to read these terms and conditions in full prior to any commitment.



The services and work SCG provides e.g. graphic design, photography, marketing, design, makeup artistry, styling, etc are all highly creative and subjective art forms. As such SCG take every possible care with professional advice offered and any suggested creative concepts and/or their implementation, however SCG cannot be held responsible for variations between perception, expectation and outcome.